Saturday, November 16, 2013


Due to the lack of comments in my last post I must assume that my new venture in jewelry making is not very interesting to most of my bloggers, or maybe no one blogs anymore? I did get 36 people coming to the post, but only one comment! I need feedback, are they not interesting, bad photos, too much money? These are new earrings and I am putting one pair on my ETSY site and the rest are going into a shop in town, so if you want a pair let me know this weekend. I take paypal and will take a check. 30, 25,20,20 dollars Top to bottom, 3.00 shipping in the US, twice that for international. Maybe they will do better in the shop in town, it is worth a try.  XOXO


kj said...

I think they are fine , Annie. I am so not into he welry but I do like them. I hope they sell well enough to give you a nice holiday season.

One comment? Sometimes I think fb has provided the dopamine rush of blogging. I've been absent myself. But hopefully not indefinitely :-)


Mim said...

Annie, I think they are lovely and should do well in a store. I have more earrings than I need, and hardly ever wear them anyways. Check your pricing against similar items and you'll do fine.

I've been absent myself as I've been working my tail off, barely time to blog at all.

Judy Shreve said...

Annie your earrings should sell - they are lovely. I'm finding not as many commenters on my blog lately too. Blame it on Facebook/tumblr/pinterest . . . .

Annie said...

KJ, Not expecting anyone here to buy, just wondering why no comments.
I don't wear much jewelry either, but I see it sells well on ETSY. I HATE FB! It is so surface, no depth. xoxo
Mim, I know how it is, I am super busy too and hardly make it to my favorite blogs. I appreciate you coming and commenting. xoxo
Judy, Thank you sweetie. xoxo

Unknown said...

Hi Annie! I love your earrings. List them, and they will come! :) I think blogging has fallen off lately (FB and Twitter and and...). I've noticed less comments, but then I've been blogging less. Maybe we're all too busy. I love seeing all your work, and your jewelry! xox

Annie said...

Pam, Thank you, you always know the perfect thing to say.Love and kisses.

studio lolo said...

I've been trying to check in with my blog friends weekly, but I seem to be failing miserably.

I like that you're branching out into jewelry. They're very sweet earrings.

I agree with Mim. Compare your prices with similar earrings/materials on Etsy and you should do great.

Best of luck Annie! ♥

Annie said...

Lo, Thank you, I already did compare prices and it seems everything is varied, I think my prices are mid range, not cheap, but not a lot either. I inherited the beads and when researching them, I have costly beads, nothing cheap and then there is my time to consider which I am never willing to give away :-). In talking with friends that buy jewelry, they seem to think my prices are fair.
I never get to all the blogs I want to either, life is too complicated and busy.
So nice to see you. xoxo