Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Trouble with Ideas...

It's Sunday, YAY! :-)
Lately I have been having some ideas, many, many artistic ideas which you would think was a good thing and I guess it is better than not having any ideas, but what has been happening is that I go to start a painting and I can't begin because I want to do plaster, maybe abstract maybe flowers maybe a beetle bug, no, I want to do collage, or a drawing. No wait, let me make some bowls or start that tea pot I want to do so badly. Do you see the problem?
I am having a hard time focusing.
Yesterday I made bowls and vases and I believe that it helped, but when making bowls I want to do texture, no wait, a design in paint, so I made both :-).
I believe my real problem is impatience. I want to do it all, and right now!
So, I decided to start a notebook with all my ideas and then slowly, pick one and do it :-).
I am hoping that it will help.
Do any of my fellow artists struggle with this too? Please share.
And just for your information I will be taking all my pendants and wall hangings off my ETSY site in the next few days and I have reduced their Price by 20% so if you want one buy them now.
I will be FOCUSING :-), on bowls, vases and cups (because that is where my joy is right now) and likely won't be making anymore pendants or wall hangings , at least for a long while.
Have a wonderful, happy Sunday! XOXO


Lori ann said...

a lovely 'problem' annie dear. i would think less about focusing and just go wherever your ideas take you. even if it means moving from one thing to the next.
i am the same except when a deadline looms and things become focused very quickly!
many blessings on your happy joyful, creative journey :)

angela recada said...

I have the same problem :0)
What should I do first? Draw, paint, collage, sew, sculpt? Work with polymer clay, paper clay, papier mache, watercolors, acrylics, pastel, pencils, markers? Work on abstracts and textures, or something more realistic? By the time I decide, it's often time to do something I HAVE to do.

Maybe we should just go with what's pulling us the most, and be glad we have so many muses vying for our attention.
Most of all, enjoy yourself and don't feel guilty for what you're not doing. You will have the chance to do it all, in good time.

Suzanne said...

I have the same experience and it seems to me it comes with life energy flowing more freely and joyfully. I would like to get something completed though! I like writing my intentions at the beginning of the day because they seem to go before me and things fall into place. They can be general intentions like feeling good or specific. I think the important thing is that I listen to what I want when I write them. Your work is getting more and more beautiful all the time. I'm so interested to see what you will create next!

Annie said...

Lori, It is a happy problem :-).
Just now I had a happy accident and I know which way my new painting will go, isn't the Universe wonderful :-).xoxo
Angela, yes, go the way our heart is most pulling us, sounds like a good plan.xoxo
Suzanne, So lovely to see you!
yes, joyful energy is indeed flowing! xoxo

sukipoet said...

I think your solution is a good one. When I was writing a lot this would happen to me and I did the keeping a list thing and that did help. Have fun as you flow and create.

Kate P said...

Definitely sounds like an O.K. problem to have--and I am the same way as a writer. Hooray for notebooks!

yoborobo said...

Annie- I am this way about everything, and I have decided that is just how I work. I was listening to a writer friend today talk about how she starts one story, stops it, puts it away, starts another, stops, goes back to the first story, etc. We talked about how the pauses give our subconscious time to work out the problems. :) I'm glad you are working and you sounds happy! xoxo Pam

Teri and her Stylish Cats ~ Coco the Couture Cat, FurryDance Brighton, and Disco NoFurNo said...

Annie, thanks so much for stopping by!

Impatience? Yes, I am not an artist but suffer from the 'Want to get it all done now, and doing none of it' syndrome.

With my therapists help, I now can look at some task and break it down into pieces instead of wanting to get up at 7am and kick butt til 10pm and get it all done in a day.

Your notebook is a good idea and really, one thing at a time gets it done...

Mim said...

I'm the same way Annie and if I go with the flow it's OK - if I stress about finishing something - not so good. For me the issue is having a place to put the unfinished thing and have a clean place to start a new item.

As my grandma would have said "this should be the worst of your problems!"

becky said...

Well Annie, you already know I have the same problem! I want to do so much, w/ so little time! Reading thru your comments, I see it is the same w/ most creative types! I am already missing the clay, but if I get started on something, I won't be able to fire it until the fall, and I've got so much to do anyhow! Have fun with it all!

marianne said...

Had to laugh a little same over here. Sometimes so many ideas and only 24 hours in a day.......
Making lists helps me too to keep thinking over and over the same ideas in my head.
Well it is just a creative problems lots of us suffer........ :)

One step at a time and enjoy the journey dear♥

Unknown said...

It doesn't rain, but pours!! Enjoy the idea boom while it's here. And write down ALL your ideas :>)

studio lolo said...

You're singing my song, Annie, and I've got the blues on top of my creative muse pulling me in "I should do this" "but I want to do that" directions.

Art is a fickle being. I agree with the others, go with the passion of the day!

Looking forward to your new creations ;)


secret agent woman said...

Just today I wrote out a lost of things I want to get done around here this summer - I always do better when I have a list of smaller tasks to do.

Jos said...

The trouble with ideas is that I forget them too easily. Make a LIST Annie!!! Write down every precious idea and then rank them in terms of what you really want to do most of all. Then get to it. Don't look back and wonder if you should instead be doing something else on the list just keep focussed and be amazed at the result.

Home home home hurray!!! I am so happy to be back home so I can catch up with my lovely blogland pals. Love you Annie xx

Houseelf said...

Yes it is something I struggle with as well as balancing working for money. I keep a book whihc has ideas and skeches for ideas and a list of what I want to make this year in the back, and in the front of the book it is a bit of a diary of what I have made so far and events. It's what keeps me focussed. I put my daily Plan of Action in the front drawing from the lists and ideas in the back. It helps me not to waste time. Sorry I've not popped in before now- it's been a hectic week and clearing the decks for the trip.