Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday HAPPY Sale!

Since this is the biggest shopping weekend of the season I thought I would give you more incentive than free shipping in my ETSY shop, until Tuesday I am also giving 5% off all items for my bloggers only as well as free shipping in the US. ETSY has a new thing called coupon codes, the code for this sale is HAPPY. Not sure how this works, but I think the coupon code thingy should appear when you buy something, when it does type in HAPPY. Have a wonderful Friday!XOXO


Lori ann said...

What a good idea Annie! I saw that coupons were added too (but i've no idea how it works). Best of luck to you, and now I can say Happy Holidays! I love Christmas time.

Annie said...

Thank you Lori :-). Happy Holidays to you too! xoxo
Everyone who bought stuff, Thank you so much! What a treasure you all are. xoxo

Lynn Cohen said...

I hope your good deals made for lots of sales. I sure love what I bought from you!!!1

Jos said...

Hi Annie

Can I reserve the little spoon? I will be paid this coming week so will do the paypal thingie on Wednesday if that's OK. If someone else buys it the fair do's I will just ask if you can make another :). I'm in no particular rush.

What is Black Friday? Is it like the boxing day sales over here? Total madness happens on Boxing Day here ... whilst most sane people are pootling around trying to find ways to recycle half a gigantic turkey (or tofurkey) there are some intrepid souls who camp outside the big department stores hoping to snap up a bargain.

Sometimes I am happy to live on a budget since it means all that stuff passes me by. And anyway, I prefer to shop online these days!

Chestnut loaf! I forgot to mention that this is my fave thing to do vegetarian-wise for Christmas guests. It is totally scrumptious and I eat all the left-overs. OK enough about food already...

Happy Sunday Annie, hope you have a fun filled day lined up. -8C here today ... brrrrrrr. xx Jos

Jos said...

... meant to say I tried emailing this request but Trev's been using my PC and re-set the email somehow ... I will exact some totally disproportionate revenge later on when he gets himself out of bed! (only kidding, total marshamllow that I am). xx

Annie said...

Lynn-Thank you sweetie!xoxo
Jos-I will go reserve it right now!
No worries, buy it whenever, it is yours. I think I will be extending my sale as I still have lots of new things that are stuck at the kiln place, I have 3 new spoons, but they are a little bigger, if for some reason my Sale is over by the time you buy I will factor the sale price on yours. Oh, how I wish I could have some of your chestnut loaf! I have to work today, but have tomorrow off. I plan on having a lovely day just the same. I love you dear friend, you make me smile. xoxo

becky said...

Yeah, they should call it Happy Friday rather than "black." Sounds so dreary. Glad your sale is going well! My handmade only christmas gifts have turned into my hand made pots with more gifts inside them...
I don't know why I do that!