Thursday, November 4, 2010

Babies, Tarantulas and Bears, Oh My! (I am a Great Aunt!)

First, My niece, J had a baby (P) over the weekend, isn't he a sweetie!
We have all waited a long while for him, WELCOME little P!
Next my friend Becky came up to Taos for a visit this week and she brought me this wonderful bear she made as a gift. Isn't he wonderful!
We also went on a hike and while out in the forest we came upon this stupendous Tarantula, I love them and had to get a photo.
That's all for now. Happy Thankful Thursday! XOXO


becky said...

Oh my gosh! He is pretty adorable, that little nephew of yours!!! I don't know why the bears photograph better from the back, but they do! Hope he is happy in his new home & hope he brings you good energy. ( I guess that would go for both the bear & your nephew, LOL!)
Nice pic of the tarantula.... doesn't he look bigger in the photos? Did you get the pics I sent?
Happy thankful thursday, Annie!
(I'm thankful tomorrow is my last day at work!)

Annie Coe said...

Yes, he is pretty cute! Yes, they do look bigger and yes, I got your photos and sent a reply, where did it get to? I loved them all except the one of me! Happy, happy LAST day at work!!! xoxo

Annie said...

Becky-P.S. The bear loves me and I love him :-).xoxo

~Babs said...

Aaah, a new little one in the family. Being a Great Aunt is a real kick, isn't it?

I love your Bear gift, and I have to visit Becky's blog after seeing it. A great piece!

Oooooh,,,I'm glad you like tarantulas, as someone has to,,,but it isn't me!

Kate P said...

Cute baby! Congrats, great-auntie!

I was just talking about tarantulas with my 4th graders this week. Some were a little scared.

Unknown said... aunt :) Lovely bear and I have only seen tarantulas in glass cases. Happy weekend.

Jos said...

Oh another spider lover and a great auntie to boot! Your tiny nephew looks totally gorgeous. And the bear is very sweet looking too. I love the smoothness. Will have to pop by Becky's blog for a look-see.

Annie, I know I owe you an email. Fear not, it will be winging it's way to you over the weekend.

I am soooo slow at writing. You can't possibly imagine how long it takes me to write blog posts and emails on top.

But I will get to it I promise.

Lots of love to you Annie, oh and not forgetting a huge big hug :)
xx Jos

yoborobo said...

Congrats, Annie!!! He is a cute little doolie-pop (babies make me talk like that). And your bear is beautiful! What a lovely gift from your pal. :) We saw the coolest spider a week ago - it was called a marbled orb weaver. It looked exactly like a tiny pumpkin with striped legs. My pics didn't turn out, or I would have posted them. Nature is grand. :) Happy weekend - xox Pam

sukipoet said...

aw such a sweetheart. lucky you to be an aunty.

great bear but not sure I would like coming upon a tarantula. thanks for the virtual look

angela recada said...

Oooooooooh! Little P is ADORABLE - and soooo lucky to have you as his Great Aunt!
The bear from Becky is wonderful! Before I even read your comments, I was thinking, too, how cute he looks from behind!

I'm so very glad we're buddies, too, sweetie! I hope you and your boys have a great weekend.

Love and hugs,

Annie said...

Babs-:-).Go see Becky's blog.xoxo
Kate.P-Nothing scary about these fellas, they are darling :-).xoxo
M.Kate-Yeah, wow :-).xoxo
Jos-No worries about emails, I know you are there and will do it when you can, even if you never do it :-). Love and giant hugs back. xoxo
Suki-I am lucky. Taratulas don't attack, they just move along and it is fun and easy to watch, not scary :-). xoxo
Angela-And I am lucky to have him in my life too! I love you darling Angela.xoxo

Mim said...

lovely to have new babies isn't it? the spider..not so lovely but the bear is great. enjoy, enjoy

Laura said...

what a combo of interesting photos...makes me think about connections a new baby needing fierce and loving protection (bear) and new stories to weave as life expands with this new child (do tarantula's weave as other spidery creatures do???) anyway...congratulations and welcome to earth sweet baby.

Marion said...

Your nephew has such beautiful hands and long adorable he is. Congratulations to you and your family!

I have a bear very similar to yours which I received as a gift many years ago...he's wonderful to touch and pet. He feels very smooth and cool.

I saw many tarantulas when I visited Arizona. They were so neat...they looked like little animals when they crossed the road. I really like them, but not so sure I would want one too close to me..

secret agent woman said...

Adorable baby bear and beautiful bear sculpture. And a very impressive catch of the tarantula.

marianne said...

Cute little one. That spider is amazing!!! I like spiders but this one would be too big for me to find in my home.....

Have a nice weekend!!!

studio lolo said...

Cute cute baby! And he has a bear snuggie on :)

Love the bear sculpture. It reminds me of Inuit art.

The tarantula?? Not for me thanks. I don't even like pics of them. I think they belong here, just nowhere near me!


nollyposh said...

AAArrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh! (That was for the spidieeeee!!!!!!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, that is a wonderful bear! your nephew is beautiful, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on becoming a great aunt. I hope you wont be too like Great Aunt Agatha from the Jeeves and Wooster books. LOL

Great bear.

Yes I like spiders too. My grandmother always said:

"If you wish to live and thrive,
Let a spider run alive."

I guess it comes from them keeping down the fly populations which can spread disease.