Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New painting in progress

Just to prove that I am actually working on a painting, I took photos so you could see some of the detail so far. I will show you the whole painting when it is finished (which could be a few months from now). (Click on the image to enlarge).
I know I have been posting mostly photos lately, but sometimes I have things to say and sometimes I am brooding :-). Right now I am in brooding mode.
I also have a prayer, good thoughts request: My dear, darling Renee is in real pain and her mother is dying, please keep her in your thoughts and send her some love.
Have a happy week. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo ♥


Unknown said...

Hello Annie, the painting is awesome as usual. So sorry to hear about your good friend, I'll drop by to say hello. Love/M

Lynn Cohen said...

This is all paint? Wow, such texture. I LOVE texture!

Sorry for your friend, my heart goes out to her.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with your friend. I love the first photo.

Annie said...

M.Kate-Thanks xoxo
Lynn, No, not all paint, Venetian plaster(I carve into it before it dries and then I burnish it and then apply the paint) and very thin layers of acrylic paint. I LOVE texture too!xoxo
Kelly-Thanks xoxo

kj said...

hail mary, Mother of god,
blessed are thou among women
and please take care of renee...

love to see what you are many layers?

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous shapes and textures- such a wide variety. The blue in the 1st pic is gorgeous.

Unknown said...

absolutely love your colors...smiles.

nollyposh said...