Monday, September 14, 2009

Blue Monday

Okay, everyone has departed and I am sad and blue and sort of slug like. My plan is to eat comfort food and love up my animal boys and talk on the phone to good friends who will cheer me up. It also helps to come here and write it out and go visit some of my blog friends who have way more to complain about than me :-).
Some highlights of the visit:
Seeing "Julie & Julia" with my mom.
Drinking absinthe with my sister in law C in a fancy bar (I don't drink often, but from now on this is my drink of choice if I can find it, wonderful stuff, or perhaps it was the company :).
Having a most wonderful dinner with the whole group at a new restaurant in town called the Love Apple.
Just being with my mom and P&C was lovely and we all had fun, both mom and P&C bought paintings from me (I gave them a real deal :-), and that felt really good and supportive. Thank you sweet hearts that you all are.
That's it for now, I am off to cheer myself up. I will be catching up with all of you in the next couple days. Love and kisses.


Unknown said...

Emotional Hangover...that's what I call it...sort of uncomfortable, twitchy, sad, slow, will pass, always has for me anyway...smiles.

Annie said...

Emom-Yeah, that's it :-).

willowtree said...

I know the feeling well, should last a few days and you'll be back to normal.

Suzanne said...

It's always good to hear from you. I love that you feel so good when you are with your family. I know you have good freinds, four legged and two legged -- sounds like you have a good plan for comfort, cuddling and taking care of yourself. Wishing you plenty of that good stuff!

Janice Lynne Lundy said...

Savoring the memories and framing them in a positive light as "gift" can be very helpful. May the days ahead find you filled with warm memories and looking forward to creating more in the future! And lovin up your boys will help, I am sure. Pets are so wonderful that way..

Unknown said...

Hi Annie, does sound like a super fun time you have..and I do agree, it does feels a bit sad when they are not around. I am sure your pets will benefit most from all those surplus 'loving'..I know I will. Hugs and love...M

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I hope you took loads of pics to help remember it.

Yes hugging the furry ones will help with the empty house feeling.

We are having lovely sunshine today.

Anonymous said...

Absinthe, eh??? It has a long history with artists, I guess you know--wasn't legal in the U.S. until a few years ago...thank you, as always, Annie, for your kind comments on my blog--big love, Eliezer

Annie said...

WT-Already right as rain :-).
Suzanne-Thank you xoxo.
Jan- thank you and yes, animals are a life saver.
Melanie-I did take some photos, but we were so busy I often forgot
I had my camera!
Eliezer-yes, I know the history of absinthe, that was part of the appeal :-). I am a bohemian after all :-). Also it has a yummy taste!
And you are welcome. Big love right back at you!

Erin Davis said...

I know exactly how you are feeling, Annie. Treasure your memories and keep being you!

kj said...

tsup, annie! soon you'll fill that space with something to your liking.


ExtraO said...

sounds like a lovely visit, Annie. I'm sure it must be a bit of a let down now that they've left. Enjoy your comfort food. :-)

mermaid said...

Hope you chreed yourself up:) Or at least all the comments did!