Tuesday, August 4, 2009


My computer has died. I Don't know when I will be back. I wanted to let you know, so you don't
worry. Oh, also my ad came out!!! And I am working on a large painting! I will be back when I can.
Love and miss you. XOXO


Unknown said...

Oh Holy Cow!
well....this might just be a opportunity to receive something better...Take care of you!

sukipoet said...

gosh, i dont think we realize how important the puter is in our lives till they die. good luck.

Mary Ellen said...

Sorry about that - and hope you get a new one soon. I hadn't seen your new blog background before - fun!

Unknown said...

baddddddddd computer :(

Hope it bounces back well soon, and we all miss you terribly...huggs/M

Liz said...
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Neil said...

Sorry about the computer. Keep being creative!

Suzanne said...

Maybe this has been set up to give you a time to really focus on being creative with art.

I know the faeries of the Universe are sending you all those things you desire.

Wishing you bliss, Annie.

Annie said...

Computer is fixed, I did enjoy my mini break though, I think I may take a couple days computer free a week or at least a month. I did start a large painting, so I was happy :-).