Thursday, August 27, 2009


This is a partial view and a close up of my beloved Taos mountain.
Still no epiphany, but I do know some things I have to do: work less and or find a job that is not so hard on my body that I can do from home on the computer, if you have any ideas let me now :-). I still want to try my hand at being a life coach, but have not been able to swing the cost of the courses (yet). I wish I could make my bowls faster as I think I could sell them, but it is slow going and I have been in painting mode, so I have not touched clay for over a month! I do have an idea for Christmas and I need your advice. I plan on making clay star ornaments and selling them on the blog and or Etsy. I would do 6 in a package and sell them for 35-45 dollars. I will make one batch up and let you see and then I will take orders, would any of you be interested in these? Also I will do handmade cards and do the same. What do you think? I have to start soon though! Right now I am working and also getting ready for my mom's visit. She has turned in her wheelchair and is doing very well! She is coming for two weeks starting the first of September, then my brother p and his lovely wife C are coming for the last 4 days of mom's visit.
I have much house and yard work to do before they come! I am taking it slow though, being good to do a little and rest a little. That Epiphany will have to wait! :-). So, that is what is going on in the moment. Please give me any and all ideas you have. Love and XOXO


Unknown said...

I am so glad to hear from YOU!
Etsy is a good place to start.
We will see if I manage to sell anything (!)...
I went to a free seminar..about "web presence",
they suggested using a Twitter account, keeping a blog, and posting regularly on Flickr (even in process shots, say of you working in your studio). YOu already have some of that ...

Unknown said...

While growing up, my family and I spent many summer vacations in the Taos area (before it was popular as a summer resort). I loved those mountains!
You will fine your way, this is with out adoubt!

Annie said...

Yikes-Twitter! Who has time? Flickr
sounds a bit better, I will check it out. Thanks E.

willowtree said...

My understanding of epiphanies is that they are sneaky little buggers, and show up when you least expect them. Try not to push too hard.

Suzanne said...

Hi Annie,

As the good deliberate creator you are, I know you've sent out your desires and they are coming to you.

I've been in a similar place for awhile where all the things I was excited about don't have energy right now. I feel like I'm floating. Then I feel like decluttering like mad. Then float. What I notice is that I'm much more in the moment than before because I'm looking for the best possible feeling choice right this red hot minute rather than being carried along by something big. I figure as long as I make the choice to feel good it will lead to a good feeling place!

About Etsy. Christmas items sound good, but some folks may be able to purchase a package, while others may only want one item. How about a single ornament as well as a package? I'm thinking the designs on that red bowl with the X's and O's would look great on an ornament. Or the happy swirls in your paintings.

I've been looking at some craft blogs that sell on Etsy and apparently Halloween is big, too, for some of them.

You have some fun ideas. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

mermaid said...

Those are great ideas. I do hope you can gather the money for the course.

sukipoet said...

wow. a visit from your Mom. That's big! Hope you have a wonderful time and that breathing the clear Taos air and being in the vibrational presence of the mountain does her good.

Annie said...

Joey-I know I will too :-).
WT-I think you are right.
Suzanne-Thank you! I will do the ornaments in singles too. Good idea! Not enough time to do Halloween-Boo :-). I too am learning it is best to deal with things in the moment.
Suki-Yes, it is big :-).

Renee said...

Your family coming, how fun will that be.


robin bird said...

i am focusing on your mom coming! 2 whole weeks! i hope it will be a time that is full of memory making, of fun and of love!
make up those stars girl i can't wait to see them!! i agree with Emom, the web presence is a huge factor. think of it as your marketing plan and it won't seem so huge.

Anonymous said...

Hia Annie, I'm on a mammoth catch up here. I hope you are enjoying your time with your Mum and family. I like your idea about the stars but perhaps single ones could also be available as a lot of people are cutting costs at the moment? The postage weight for 6 might also be an issue for some. Just an idea for the non American market. :-)