Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Awards!

Wow. I said a girl can't have too many awards, but this is crazy :-). I received this lovely Stroke of the Brush award from the wonderful, talented KJ. She is the Creator of the award as well.
I received the Queen of Alll Things award from the beautiful and talented Erin Davis. Both of these women are great writers and poets. I feel very flattered to receive these awards, thank you ladies. I am to tell you 7 awesome things about myself for the queen award.
This is sort of hard :-).
1. I love beetles, all kinds and for about a year I painted paintings of them.
2. I have dreams that come true, all the time,usually they are silly and have no real use :-).
3. I make friends easily and I tend to keep most of them for life.
4. I love all animals and if I had a bunch of money I would probably have a lot more cats and dogs, plus a few other species.
5. I have great faith in spirit.
6. I love to learn new things, all the time, it is one of my greatest joys.
7. When I read, which is often, I read slowly and savor each word. I think speed readers miss a lot, they don't think they do, but judging by some of the responses to my emails I receive by speed reader friends, I know they do.
Okay, now I am to name 7 bloggers to receive this award:
Sorry, Yoli, I could not get your link to work.
And the Stroke of the Brush award goes to:
Sorry I am so absent. I have had some work and my friend L and I have been taking photos of all my paintings. He is a great photographer and this is a wonderful thing he has done for me. We are doing a trade for the work. Here in Taos doing trades is a common way of doing business, thank God for that :-). In the next week I will have some down time and will attempt to come here and post a bit more often. Happy Tuesday! XOXO


Unknown said...

Oh Annie, many thanks for thinking of me :D I think you are the queen of awards (big smiles..),with your open heart and kindness, we all love you to the max :) Oh yes, do paint your wall, we needed the fresh colors after years of gloom, no thanks to my husband..but it took some time to adjust to it. Big hugs...M

Unknown said...

Great award for you, you do desirve it.

Yoli said...

Oh I LOVE the roses on your walls dear Annie. Thank you for my award! I am very honored and I take it with me applause and all. You certainly deserve them.

kj said...

hey, how come erin is beautiful and talented and i'm just wonderful and talented?

can we switch? maybe erin is better off being wonderful and talented and then i'll be beautiful and talented.

la la la la la

Annie said...

You are all wonderful, and KJ I had a feeling that might bother you, but I couldn't have two beautifuls in the same sentance :-). I think Erin would switch if you want :-), and you are beautiful! The talented part is much more improtant though :-).
And whitemist you can have both these awards if you want, you all can as you are ALL beautiful, wonderful and talented :-).

Anonymous said...

Hia Annie, thanks for the award and congratulations on receiving it yourself- well deserved.

ExtraO said...

Thank you!

Life Potentials Network said...

Annie, come to my blog and pick up yet another award! You are rolling in them! xo

Suzanne said...

Thank you for the award, Annie. I love to paint with words, but I also think alot about painting pictures and doodle in sketch books every once in awhile. This inspires me. Thank you for thinking of me.

I love hearing your good news about photos of your paintings. There is much love flowing from you into the world.

You are a joy to know. :)