Thursday, July 9, 2009

Award Time!

I received this lovely award from the very interesting and talented Whitmist(Joey) and I am to tell you six roles that I play, so here goes:
1. Artist-I identify way to much with this role, but is is who I am most of the time.
2. Friend-This is a role that I love, because I love my friends, including all my blogging friends.
3. Spiritual seeker-This is who I am in a way, but I am really that which has already found :-).
4. Caretaker-I am good at taking care of things, people, animals, plants and houses.
5. Blogger-What a strange role that is :-). I didn't even know it existed 3 years ago.
6. Lover-That is what I try to be and I succeed about 75% of the time :-).
Now, I am to give this award to another blogger. I love you all, but this award goes to: Starlene.
She is very wonderful, check her out. Happy Thursday! XOXO


Unknown said...

Hello Annie, LOVE this new layout, so sweet and a big congrats on the award, happy weekend my friend, love/M

Erin Davis said...

This must be your week for awards! There's another one waiting for you at my blog!

Laura Doyle said...

Oh you sweet, sweet girl!! Thank you so much Annie!

This should be interesting since my roles seem to be in flux right now. : )

Janice Lynne Lundy said...

You are truly a beautiful woman with so many heartfelt roles to play. I love how you spoke of spiritual seeker. Reminds me of the saying by St. Francis: "You are that which you are seeking." :-) Love to you!

Unknown said...

Love your roles Anne!