Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Come walk with me...

I am having some back issues today so instead of a run I took a long walk with my dog, Zeus. I decided to take my little camera so I could share my walk with you. The first two photos are of a wonderful horn toad that I almost missed because he looked like the rocks. Isn't he great! The next photo is my very tired and hot, dog, Zeus. Then we have the dragonfly, can you see him?
Last is a cactus flower. Thanks for coming along :-). I am off to do art now, which I will share one day soon. Happy Wednesday. XOXO


mermaid said...

It's quite different than running, isn't it? I guess it all depends on the energy that needs to be released. Thanks for the lovely photos.

Unknown said...

It has been a while! The horny toad! I love them, ran into them often in Texas!

Unknown said...

Happy Wednesday Annie, wow..that toad..have never seen such a toad before, ours are just boring. Love the last picture..take care my dear, back pain are always uncomfortable,love.....M

willowtree said...

Great Horny Toads! You're having back issues? Are you a magazine??

Get well soon.

Annie said...

mermaid-yes, when I run I miss a lot, like that toad for instance :-).
Whitemist-I love them too!
M.Kate- Not to worry, just a minor pain.
WT-You always crack me up my friend.

ExtraO said...

Love 'em.

Janice Lynne Lundy said...

I just started my summer walking routine again and am discovering what you are. Going more slowly allows very special treasures to surface, like these dear creatures. I so look forward to this time of deep seeing. You too, I can tell! Zeus is adorable. A border collie?

Life Potentials Network said...

Annie, thanks for sharing your walk! I took photos of a walk last week I'll have to post one of these days! It's fun to chronicle them according to season or what's blooming. We have a fox family I've been wanting to photograph but every time I think to bring my camera on my daily walks, they are hiding and when I don't they are frollicking! But guess what! last night 2 of them were on our deck! I was able to get a few shots through the screens so they aren't great but now I have my pictures! Annie, I LOVE your bowl! Many compliments! xoxo

kj said...

annie, that toad looks enormous!
i'm thinking you are very brave, which makes me laugh that i think that!

i had knee surgery and haven't taken my regular 1.5 mile walk for over a year. but yesterday stella and i made it to the lake--3/4 of a mile. i am psyched!


Annie said...

Jan-Yes, Zeus ia a border collie and a very sweet boy.
Diantha_ A fox family! How wonderful! So glad you are enjoying the bowl.xoxo
KJ-:-). So happy you and Stella can go for walks again.

Erin Davis said...

Zeus is gorgeous!

Lubna said...

Hey Annie
Hope you are running again. The doggie was adorable. The cactus in bloom enchanting.