Monday, December 1, 2008

Spread a little love

As an artist, I am struggling to get myself out there into the world.
Someone once said (I forget who), that a piece of art does not really live
until it is seen by others. I think in a way they are right. In an effort
to help other artists, I am linking you to a few artists that I think you
will admire. I may make this a weekly or bi-weekly thing. Please go give
them some blog love :-).
First up is a dear woman and a kindred spirit, Lisa Plummer, she
does art straight from her heart. Then there is Paula Snyder, she
is an artist who lives in my state and she paints delightful, colorful
paintings that will lift your spirits. Last but not least is Sukipoet,
who is a very inventive and soulful artist.


Unknown said...

Hello Annie, you are correct...there must be more people knowing your work so I guess you;ll need more publicity and hopefully it comes soon. Thanks for the wonderful link and I did your tag..with a twist..listing some picture of the garden if you dont mind. Big hugs :D

Lisa said...

You made my day and it isn't even 6am yet! Thank you, my friend.

Lorie McCown said...

lovely recommendations! Hang in there, your work is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Great idea Annie! When I make things and post them it is so helpful to me when people say what they like. Not because I am selling anything yet... but more because I have a tendancy to follow every idea with little selection- it helps when other people provide that.

Everyone needs a little positive in their lives.

P.S. not forgotten about your award- it's just been so busy catching up after being out all weekend.

mermaid said...

Thanks for sharing!

robin laws said...

annie i came by to see you yesterday but i got distracted by your excellent links before i managed a comment on your post! i so agree with your quote about art coming alive through the viewing of it by others. that is what my blog is all about. it matter just as much how others experience my photos as it does how i feel about them. sometimes more...
you are a generous and talented artist you deserve more recognition!
robin xo

Annie Coe said...

M.Kate-Yes, I need to work harder to get myself out there!
Lisa-I am happy to make your day!
Lorie M-Thank you!
Melanie-yes, input is so helpful and postitive input is wonderful.
No worries about the award...
Robinbird-Thank you! I plan on featuring your blog soon as your photos are so stunning!