Thursday, December 11, 2008


I took this photo the other morning when it was cloudy and still somewhat dark outside. These are my doves, there are about five, that live in my neighborhood. They come and eat in my yard everyday and I have fallen in love with them, I adore their plaintive call and how gentle and careful they are. I also love their sand like color and these doves all have a half circle of a black ring around their necks. When I am sad or sometimes a little lost, nature in all it's glory is the one thing that can always make me smile, no matter what. What makes you smile when you are sad? XOXO


willowtree said...

Usually good music makes me smile, but lately The Big Bang Theory can make me not only smile, but laugh out loud regardless of how I feel.

Unknown said...

Always love doves though I hardly get a chance to see them. My children makes me smile..when they dont drive me nuts of course :D

Em said...

well that's perty.

Paula In Pinetop said...

What makes me smile when I am sad? Why, a comment on my blog from someone as lovely as you !!!

Dagny said...

OH, love them.



Anonymous said...

beautiful silhouettes. So many things make me smile. I've put some up on the post I'm working on at the mo. from my trip around town.

Lubna said...

Looking at the sky brightens my day, even if the sky is cloudy. Guess, just the vast expanse does the trick, it appears that my troubles are miniscule compared to the vastness of the universe.
Seasons greetings.

sukipoet said...

Lovely doves. Nature always makes me feel happy. If I am glum and then go outside for a walk I always feel better. The power of practicing yoga too always surprises me as I can be frowning when I make myself begin the practice, and smiling at the end.