Monday, February 15, 2016

My collage in Storytelling with Collage

Roxanne Evans Stout wrote a book about collage and she asked me to create a piece for it, so many moons ago I did and I can finally share it! The book comes out March 10Th, go here to order:
Storytelling with Collage
This painting was done with vintage ledger paper, pen, graphite, various papers, thread, rust, oil and acrylic
paint, tea bags on cradle board, finished with cold wax. I am in the section about sewing. Thank you for including me Roxanne!
Titled: Future Archaeology
Congratulations  to Roxanne and all the artists included.
I always love to here what you think.


Sharmon Davidson said...

Oh, Annie, this is absolutely yummy!

Annie said...

Sharmon, Thank you , your collage in the book is very yummy too! xoxo

kj said...

annie, did i miss it? what is the story in this collage? it's very soft and comforting…


Annie said...

Kj, My story is about the making of the collage, as a rule I go where the work takes me and I do not impose a story of some kind on my paintings, so in my case I wrote a story about how this piece came to be. I am glad you find it comforting. xoxo

Annie said...

Kj, I wanted to add the title is "Future Archaeology" so I am sure someone could find a story in there somewhere :-). xoxo

Kate P said...

Very cool! I still love and admire most the piece of yours I have on my wall--it's to my right as I type. :)

Annie said...

Kate P, Thank you, it is very different from what I do now, but I have a fondness for the crowns I did and one hangs in my bedroom. Lovely to see you here. I am a very bad blogger these days. xoxo