Monday, August 24, 2015


                                                         Leonardo Drew

I was recently encouraged by Patience Brewster, an artist new to me who does darling Christmas ornaments, of Artist Appreciation Month. So to honor the artists I love most I want to talk about the two artists who have inspired my work for the last three years. I first found Leonardo Drew and Lawrence Carroll on the Internet, I fell in love with both of these artists work instantly. Leonardo has inspired me more than any other artist and I think if you look at my work of the last few years you can see his influence. I am working with very different media and a much smaller scale, but his willingness to use anything in his art and his willingness to go where the piece takes him is what I find most inspiring and his dedication to his work, working up to 18-20 hours a day. I love his work so much, I could look at it for hours.
Then there is Lawrence, I found him online about a year ago and I love the simplicity of his work and his subdued color palette has inspired me most, he too has a willingness to use all sorts of mediums and to follow the work where ever it takes him.
I am daily inspired by many artists, but these men are currently firing me up and spurring me on to do my best work ever. Thank you Leonardo and thank you Lawrence for being the true artists you are, the real deal.
I love to hear your thoughts...


Sharmon Davidson said...

Annie, I can definitely see why you would like Leonardo's work and how it inspired yours - the texture, the all-over pattern with its many variations. very cool!

annie said...

Sharmon, He has currently inspired me to go larger, more on that later, it is part of my year long project which I will post about soon. xoxo

lynne h said...

oh, lawrence carroll's work... love LOVE it. it's spare, yet says everything. it's *real*.


Annie said...

Lynne, that is exactly how I feel about it too, it is magic and as spare as it is,
it always takes my breath away. For me Lawrence and Leonardo are two of the *realist* artists out there. You are too my dear...xoxo