Sunday, July 19, 2015

Site Santa Fe and the Case of the Disappearing Artist

I went to Site Santa Fe Friday night to see Unsuspected Possibilities, a wonderful show. One of the artists was Leonardo Drew, I love his art so much and it was a thrill to see some of it in person. Leonardo was to be there and I looked forward to meeting him. He came in very late and I waited while he talked to a few of the patrons, I looked away for just a minute and when I turned back he was gone, vanished into thin air, I looked everywhere, but he had left. So while I did not get to meet him his work was awesome and I share photos I took of  it here. Also in the show is another wonderful artist, Marie Watt, due to the way her art was hung I was not able to get photos, but go here to see her beautiful work:,
also not part of the show, but in Site was a beautiful piece by Ann Hamilton, go here to see her work:
 Enjoy these works by Drew. XOXO


lynne h said...

oh my, marie watt...

also annie, your piece in the last post - Wow... it's peaceful and exciting at the same time!


Annie said...

Lynne, thank you sweetie, I have been sitting on the fence about it, not sure if it is a keeper. I loved Marie's work so much, I love it when I discover someone wonderful I never knew about before. xoxo

Sharmon Davidson said...

Thanks for the link to Marie Watt; her work is captivating!

Annie Coe said...

Sharmon, so beautiful in person...xoxo