Sunday, June 28, 2015

New Collage/Burn Painting

This is my new collage,14 1/2" x 11" mixed media collage. I believe it is finished, but I need to live with it for a few weeks to be sure. This one is in my burn series. Venetian plaster, rice paper, graphite, cheese cloth, oil paint on cradle board.
I hope you are all well and having a wonderful Summer.
I have to say Summer is not my favorite, too hot and too many bugs, but I try to find something to love about all seasons and I do like the long days of Summer. Also so far it is a much cooler Summer than usual, taking lots of long hikes with Bella and reading a lot. I feel a bit lazy and I am not pushing myself  to do anything I don't feel to do. I completed 3 paintings at once and will share the other two soon.
I always love to hear your thoughts.


lynne h said...

heya annie!

stopping in to say hi and tell you that i love this! these colors, and that texture...

loving summer here, and taking it easy myself.



Annie said...

Lynne, You have been on my mind, love hearing from you. Have a wonderful Summer!
Love and hugs. xoxo

Judy Shreve said...

Another great piece Annie. Love the details and the colors!

Annie said...

Judy, Thank you! xoxo

kj said...

Your work is do distinctive. I love the pinks of the universe (I wrote a poem about that once)

I'm glad to hear you are coasting along. I'm a mess. But by the end of the summer I should be back on a more comfy saddle


Annie said...

Kj, I love pinks too. You are a lucky duck to live at the beach, remember that and everything will sort itself out. And you know being a mess is not half bad :-). xoxo

Sharmon Davidson said...

Love this- great textures and color! xoxo