Saturday, October 25, 2014

Some of my Favorite Artists

                                                                    Leonardo Drew
                                                                Number 119D, 2009
                                                 Wood, acrylic on paper in Plexiglas box
                                                              61 x 61 x 10.25 inches

 I have been wanting to do a post on artists I love, I finally decided today is the day.
Leonardo Drew is one who inspires me most, I love this man and his work, go here to see more.
Another man who has inspired me so much is Mark Bradford, his collage/paintings are amazing, go here to see what I am talking about.
A man who brings me to my knees with his talent is Lucian Freud.
You can find lots of information on him, but this is a place to start.
Of course there are many women on my list, Jenny Seville is a painter's painter and I have loved her work for many years.
Cecily Brown is another, her paintings are stunning.
Then there is one of my favorite artists ever, Kiki Smith, a woman after my own heart.
I could go on for days, but these are my current obsessions, and all but Lucian are alive and well.
I hope you enjoy the links.


Houseelf said...

Thanks for sharing. I went to a Lucian Freud exhibition in the Westbank years ago. I was amazed at the green colours he could see in the human skin when you looked close.

Annie said...

Melanie, I would give anything to see a Freud in person. Lucky you.

kj said...

hi annie! just swinging by to toss toss a hello your way. i hope all is well.

Annie said...

kj, Hi, I will come visit soon.

Sharmon Davidson said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful artists with us, Annie! I am a big fan of Kiki Smith and Lucien Freud, myself, but was not familiar with the others. xo