Friday, April 11, 2014

New Painting/Collage

This is a new 12"x 12" collage in the series. Using old papers from books, oil, venetian plaster, ink, graphite and cold wax on board. I have 6 new paintings in the works, two are large. I still struggle with getting a good image of these paintings. A friend came by last week and was delighted to see that the pieces were so much better in person, we discovered by looking on my computer that they looked completely different on his computer at home. This is a problem when submitting to galleries, most do it through email now, so how can I control how they will show up on their computer! I have a hard enough time getting it right on mine. I know one thing that would help is a new camera, but money is tight as I am only working three days a week by choice, need to paint, so giving up money :-). I am making do with the camera I have. My friend told me that on his computer the pieces were pumped up in color and garish looking, I would like to know how they appear on yours? If you click on the image then click again you will get a better sense of how they really are.
Back to work/play, I can't imagine a better life :-). XOXO


lynne h said...

hiya annie...

they don't look pumped up and garish on my computer; they look earthy and subdued. and very pleasing to the eye... : )


Annie said...

Lynne, Thank you, that is how they look on my computer too, even if they are not a perfect likeness they are close. xoxo

Judy Shreve said...

They look beautiful on my computer too!

Annie said...

Judy, Thank you! xoxo