Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Painting

I have been working on this and 2 other paintings for a few months, this one is done, I am still working on the other two. I have no title yet, which is odd, I usually get a title while I work, but nothing came with this one. This is a 20"x 16", venetian plaster, pastel, coffee stain, acrylic, and graphite on board. I have a new trick, I use rubbing alcohol to wipe away color and it gives this sort of water color affect, I love it and went and bought big bottles of the stuff. I had heard about it for a while, but had never tried it. I just wanted to pass it on to all artists out there, it is wonderful.

I always love to hear what you think.

Updates: The show at Millicent Roger's Museum last night was packed! I was thrilled that so many would be seeing my painting. It is always the best when a piece can go out into the world and be seen. The show was very nice and there were a few other abstracts in it, which was a pleasant surprise :-). Picture taking was impossible as there was no room to move!

I left Bella in her hard crate at home while I went to the show and that did not go well, she tore the stuffing out of her crate bed.

I received the soft crate, but I have not set it up and tried it yet, I am still waiting for the thundershirt. I tried the rescue remedy and I don't think it had any effect. We take it one day at a time. Thank you for all your lovely, helpful comments.

I am off to paint, Happy Sunday! XOXO


Mitchell Pluto said...

those are incredible! I love them!

Annie said...

Mitch, Thank you! They are all the same painting, the small ones are just close ups. Always good to here from my old friend. xoxo

Secret Agent Woman said...

I love the colors in that one. And the curly lines, which remind me of the little tendrils that climbing vines send out.

Jos said...

I do like the washed out colour thing you have going on Annie. It really does look like water colours. I really love the hues and there it is that squigly Annie line ... it's like a thread that runs through so much of your work ... that speciall Annie-ness that always makes me feel warm inside. Happy Sunday Annie. Big hug xx Jos

kj said...

it isn't watercolors? i would have guessed it is! how exciting to have a new technique to play with.

jos is right about your annie-lines. hahaha, do you concentrate intently when you draw that line, or are you as light as a feather brush?

wonderful art, annie. i'm so glad about your show. i hope you soon have your very own show. you have quite a body of work


Mim said...

lovely new painting and interesting new technique. I've dropped rubbing alcohol on watercolor to get a blotchy effect but nothing with acrylics. Will give it a try.

glad your show went well

Barbara/myth maker said...

This is a very good abstract piece. I like the flow of it, rather circular. Nice technique with the alcohol.

Unknown said...

when i first looked, i thought it was water color! I understand why you do not have a name yet, i feels very deep, kind of like my early mornings

ArtPropelled said...

Great to see another completed painting! I've probably said it before but so many of your detail close ups would make great paintings too. Glad there was a good turn out at the show.

Oh dear destroying dog beds is a an expensive exercise. Digby is driving me up the wall having destroyed 2 (his and Bella's) supposedly indestructible dog beds in a week. Sighhhhhhh ....

Annie said...

Secret Agent, Thank you.
I need another invite to your blog, I can't find you! xoxo

Jos,You are a doll and I adore you, hugs back.xoxo

Kj, Thank you, I had a solo show of my old work, but I am not ready for a show now, my work is in flux!
But soon :-). As for my lines, they are like automatic writing, so they are light and intense both :-).xoxo

Mim, Thank you.xoxo

Barbara,Thank you. xoxo

Joey, Thank you and perhaps you are right about the title. xoxo

Robyn, I think so too, I may take the details as a starting point.
Oh Digby! I know how frustrating it is, but then they look at us with those eyes and we are in love.
Give him and your Bella kisses from me. xoxo

Lori ann said...

oh how exciting annie! so glad the show went well, your painting is beautiful!

yoborobo said...

Annie, this is one of my favorites! When I clicked on your blog post, and saw this, I literally took a breath! Thing I like best: it's like peeking into another realm. I half expect strange beasts to trundle across the surface. Beautiful work, my friend! xox

sukipoet said...

congrats on your painting in the show. love your new paintings. subtle colors.

i have used rubbing alcohol with oil pastels i think. i like the effect too.

can you put up a sort of fence in the house to fence off one area for B to be in, while the cats are in the other? I know nothing about dogs i just throw this out.

Unknown said...

Love, Love, Love them!!!!

Annie said...

Lori, Thank you sweetie.xoxo

Pam, Your comment made me smile, as they always do. xoxo

Suki, Thank you. The problem with Bella is not the cats any longer, and a gate would never hold her, she can jump a 6 foot fence. The problem is her panic when I am gone and if there are any loud noises, she gets distructive. Read my last post it explains things.

Shiny, Lovely to see you and thank you! xoxo

Judy Shreve said...

Annie - I love this painting - and that alcohol trick - is fabulous! When I look at your work it just makes me happy - your colors and squiggly lines - all of it just perfect. And so glad to hear the show was well attended.

Sorry to hear Bella is still upset with loud noises and being 'fenced-in.' I hope you find what works soon. This must be so frustrating!


~Babs said...

As for Bella, I've missed as to whether or not she's still a puppy?
If so, maybe she will outgrow some of this behavior. Our Mille was a mess for a while.
On to the painting:
It's another wonderfully textured piece. I just love how the paint works with the plaster.I'm seeing a figure in this one,,,which I like. Perhaps preparing for a voyage.
The alcohol is fun, isn't it?

angela recada said...

Fabulous painting, Annie! I love the idea of using the rubbing alcohol. I've heard of it, too, but haven't used it in this way yet. I love the effect you've achieved.

So sorry to read about your continuing issues with poor Bella. . .

Sending loving, calming thoughts your way.

Suzanne said...

I love it!

Silke Powers said...

Your art is goooorgeous!! I just love it! How exciting about the show! I'm glad your artwork is getting "out there." It needs to be seen by lots of people!!

And Bella unstuffing her bedding reminds me of Winslow. I don't know how many of his dog beds he has shredded and unstuffed. Plus, pillows and other things... I finally realized that he really likes to "defluff" things and I make sure he has plenty of toys around he can do that to. In his crate (when he was still crated) I switched to old towels that could tear up if needed. The dog beds got too pricey!

Hugs to both of you!! Silke

becky said...

Love the new painting! The show sounds like a blast- glad you had fun & yes, how wonderful to get your work out in the world. Sorry Bella is still adjusting... she'll get there.