Sunday, November 19, 2017

New collage

It has been months since I posted. Life  moves so fast these days. These are new collages, email me to the address on my side bar if you have an interest in any of these. Happy Thanksgiving too. xoxo


kj said...

hello Annie, whatever has happened to our blogging?! I still like it here better than FB. these pieces are wonderful. you are making some amazing art. I hope it pays the bills! you deserve all that and more.


Annie Coe said...

Kj, Thank you sweetie. It is the only thing that pays the bills, it is touch and go many days, but it is a wonderful thing to make a living off what you love. I miss blogging, only do it now and then, but I make a living off FB, so I am there, I have met some wonderful people there as well. Love and kisses to you. xoxo

Rowan Tree Cottage said...

Hi Annie,
I tried FB but I think I am too old fashioned. I am glad that your work is reaching a new audience. It richly deserves to. Beautiful work!

Annie said...

Thank you Rowan. xoxo